Talk About a Time Where You Had Kept a Promise

Talk About a Time Where You Had Kept a Promise

  • How did you make it happen?
  • Reason for keeping a promise?
  • How was the experience?

Sample Answer of Talk About a Time Where You Had Kept a Promise

Earlier in my vacation, I had called up my younger cousin to ask if she needed anything from my place, and she mentioned a handbag. I promised her that I would bring the bag. I thought it was not a big deal for me to grant that wish. But to my surprise, the particular bag she had asked for was not easy to find. I have to run from one shop to another to hunt for that particular bag. I don’t want to give her anything she wouldn’t like. I made a couple of calls to my friends to find about the availability and locations where I could find that bag and visited a couple of shops. Although it wasn’t expensive, finally I was able to get my hand on the said bag. But it was a tedious job.

The reason I wanted to keep the promise is that I love her, and she is my youngest cousin. Who is less demanding, and I wanted to respect her. And it is always satisfying to keep the promise you make. The experience was very satisfying. When I realised that she liked my gift and the time when she expressed her gratitude, I felt it was all worth toil for that inexpensive gift.

Follow-ups Talk About a Time Where You Had Kept a Promise.

Question 1 Generally speaking, do Indian parents make promises to children?

Answer – Yes, in Indian culture, parents make promises to their children; often, they work hard to fulfil them. But there is a time that they fail.

Question 2 Do children also make promises to their parents?

Answer – Certainly, children make promises to their parents, even though at a times it requires effort and sacrifice.

Question 3 Do most people fulfil their promises?

Answer – Most people make their efforts to fulfil their promise, few of them achieve, and few fail.

Question 4 How do you feel when others break their promises?

Answer – It is often hurting emotionally when a promise is broken, for with a promise, a certain expectation is developed and if it is not meet. There is always a disappointment.

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