Talk About a Toy You Liked in Your Childhood

Talk About a Toy You Liked in Your Childhood.

  • What Was It?
  • Why Did You Like It?
  • What Did You Experience When You Had It?

There are three stages in every person’s life: childhood, teenage, and old age. 🔄 Among them, childhood is the golden part of any human being’s life because, in this age, every person is free from all kinds of worries and responsibilities. 🚼

One is free to play and engage in other activities with their friends. 🎈 Parents of every child buy a large number of toys for them, and they love to play with them. 🧸 I, too, had many toys in my childhood. But today, I would like to talk about a toy in my childhood that I liked most: it was a beautiful pistol toy. 🔫

My uncle brought this precious gift on my 5th birthday from Moga. He knew about my choice. My father works as a sub-inspector in the Punjab Police. So, my father always keeps a pistol with him, which is given to him by the police department.

As a result, I always saw him wearing a pistol, so I had a keen urge to have a pistol like that. So, my uncle fulfilled this wish of mine on my birthday.

I was very happy after receiving it. It was made of a combination of plastic and glass. When I pushed the trigger, it spread a colorful light which could be seen through the glass. 💥

I always took it with me wherever I went. It seemed to me like a good companion. I always hung it with my belt like my father and sometimes played the role of a police officer when I played with my friends in the game of police and thief. 🚓

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But one day, there was a function in my house, and unfortunately, my pistol got lost. It seemed to me at that time that a good companion of mine was lost. I felt sad for the whole week at that time. 🥀

Now, I am 25 years old, and my father bought an original pistol for me, but it has a different meaning for me than the one in my childhood. I still miss my childhood companion.

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