Talk About a Tv Series You Remember.

Talk About a Tv Series You Remember.

  • What Was It?
  • Who Hosted It?
  • Who Were the Characters?
  • Why Did You Like It?

Nowadays, a number of shows are telecasted on TV channels. It may be a reality show 📺, comedy show, or any debate. I watch TV for watching the news and reality shows.

Today, I am going to talk about a reality show which was telecasted on TV a few years ago. It was Satyamev Jayate. I really liked this show because it presented the reality of life all over India.

It was directed and produced by the famous star actor of the Bollywood industry, Mr. Aamir Khan. He also hosted this show.

He had done a lot of research for years before organizing this show. After the research, he decided to direct this show. In his research, he visited various parts of the country and met a number of people.

Finally, the first show was telecasted on 6th May 2012. This show was telecasted every Sunday at 11 AM.

The characters in this show are taken from real life. This show is based on the common problems prevailing in society.

For instance, dowry problems, female foeticide, child sexual abuse, disability, rape, honor killing, domestic violence, untouchability, alcoholism, criminalization of politics.

This show sheds light on the life of people in any part of India who suffered from the problems mentioned above. In this show, some people who suffered from these problems but came out with bright colors from these problems with their courage were invited to the show, and they shared their experience with the audience in the show and the people who watched the TV on their TV.

I like this show because it is the first show of its kind in the history of TV and it is hosted by the superstar of the Bollywood industry, Mr. Aamir Khan, who is really concerned about the sufferings of the people of India.

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Q-1: What do you think about the telecasting of this show?

Ans: I think this kind of show should be organized more in society and for this purpose, we should encourage the efforts of Mr. Aamir Khan. The other film stars should also give their contribution to making this kind of shows which highlight the problems of the natives of the country.

Q-2: What are the positive influences of this show on the people of India?

Ans: The first and foremost influence of this show is that after watching this show, the people of India gain courage and inspiration to fight with the problems prevailing in society. Moreover, by telecasting this kind of shows on TV, the governments would be aware of the problems of the people and they would take proper measures to solve them.

Q-3: What are the duties of the government of India regarding these problems?

Ans: The government should keep an eagle’s eye on the people suffering from the problems mentioned above. The government should make laws and do amendments to the constitution to stop these problems.

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