describe a useful thing that you once borrowed.

describe a useful thing that you once borrowed.

what was it?

from whom you borrowed it?

why you borrowed it?

man is a social animal and he cannot live alone.he has to depend on others for his needs.because it has been rightly said that “a friend in need is a friend indeed”.so today I would like to talk about a time when I borrowed a thing from my was the notes of English grammar.i was lucky that my friend has these notes and I really needed these notes at that thanks to my friend who came to help me at the right time.

when I was doing my graduation I and my friend had taken English grammar classes from a famous English language tutor V.P.SOOD. these notes were very important because these are very helpful for an English grammar learner.I kept these notes at a safe place in my almirah but once when I was shifted from a rented house to my own house, I lost these notes somewhere.but after completing my masters of arts in the subject of English I was planning to start an English grammar teaching I asked one of my friends Tejinder Singh (prince) to give me his notes.fortunately he kept his notes. so he gave me his notes.

when I opened an English grammar teaching centre I started teaching English grammar to students.but once a moment came when I needed to refresh my English grammar so that I can update it.moreover, it was not easy to remember all the rules of for updating my grammar, I really need these notes.furthermore, my sister in law was doing graduation at that time and she asked me to provide notes of English grammar.because she had taken an elective English subject in this was another reason that I borrowed notes from my friend.


Q-1: does all student makes notes nowadays for studying?

Ans: no, not all but a few students prefer to make notes for studying.because they do not have a habit of preparing self-notes.they believe to search readymade notes available on various websites and books.

Q-2: do you believe in making a lot of friends?

Ans: no I do not believe in making a lot of friends because I act upon the quality but not the is beneficial if friends are good and I too have few friends who are a part and parcel of my life.

Q-3: is it easy to prepare notes in this modern era?

Ans: yes definitely it is very easy to prepare notes in today’s world because there is no need to consult various types of books.all the information needed to prepare notes is easily available on the internet.


Gagandeep Singh Kahlon


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describe a useful thing that you once borrowed.

describe a useful thing that you once borrowed.

describe a useful thing that you once borrowed.

describe a useful thing that you once borrowed.

describe a useful thing that you once borrowed.

describe a useful thing that you once borrowed.





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