Talk About an International Problem: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Talk about an international problem.

  • What is it?
  • What are the effects of this problem?
  • What are the causes of this problem?

Sample: Talk About an International Problem

Well, we live in a global Village where so many problems are increasing day by day internationally, such as drug smuggling, terrorism, traffic issues, and poaching of animals. But here I would like to talk about the most important noticeable problem: global warming.

I want to discuss this specific problem because it is increasing on an extreme level. Every nation is now running behind the economic growth, primarily focusing on industrialization.

They want to drive their vehicle. These things create so many toxic gases, smoke, and fumes that cannot stabilize the environment and damage it with the high rate of pollution, which is increasing exponentially.

Its repercussion has been seen on the planet. Due to that, temperatures are becoming very hot, and according to the assumptions of scientists, from 2050 onwards, the environment will not be fit for living anymore.

So this concern should be mitigated by the initiative of the government all over the world as well as individuals. They should make collaborative efforts to elucidate the impacts of global warming.

Follow Up Questions

Question 1: What are the most pressing global issues facing the world today?

Answer:- Presently global facing many issues, but global warming is the most pressing issue, which creates sweltering temperatures all over the world. Due to that, there would not be a suitable environment to live in, and it is also damaging the creatures and animals. It is increasing with the toxic gases and wastage, which do not keep the environment safe and create a high level of pollution which spreads so many diseases such as asthma, heart problems, etc., to humans and animals.

Question 2: How do international organizations address global issues?

Answer:- International organizations can address global issues by making policies and collaborative efforts like they should avoid the society about this issue by campaigning and advertisements. The government should take the initiative to mitigate this problem all over the world. They should formulate and implement stringent laws to tackle this issue. Heavy fines and any other punishment should punish people who do not follow the rules. People should be guided to a clean and green environment.

Question 3: What role do individual countries play in addressing global issues?

Answer:- An individual could tackle these problems. It is the responsibility of the people that they should clean the environment by planting several trees so trees can absorb carbon and toxic gases to clean the environment. Moreover, they should not throw waste here and there. There should be a recycling process for every waste.

Question 4: How do international relations impact global issues?

Answer:- Nowadays, people are focusing on economic growth and want to produce umpteen products to export those products to other countries to earn the best amount. But this process leads to a high volume of pollution, which impacts not only the environment but humans as well, and it is becoming a global issue.

Question 5: How can individuals get involved in addressing global issues?

Answer:- In my opinion, every individual should take care of their surroundings. Moreover, they should take the responsibility of planting trees every month. They should also stop other people from throwing waste in the open areas.

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