Increasing the Price of Petrol Is the Only Way to Solve Environmental Problems: Writing Task 2

Increasing the Price of Petrol Is the Only Way to Solve Environmental Problems. Do You Agree or Disagree?

Environmental pollution, nowadays, is rising at an exponential rate. Many believe that the only way to tackle this issue is to raise the charges for fossil fuels, especially petrol. However, I’m afraid I have to disagree with this solution as petrol is not the only reason for environmental damage, there are many other reasons which contributed majorly to this issue. Therefore, working only on petrol prices is not the best way to overcome this problem.

Environmental damage is a cumulative process. It occurs because of many factors such as deforestation, overuse of plastics, spreading litter, overuse of fossil fuels and many more. Although the use of fossil fuels is a significant contributor, the role of deforestation and plastic use can not be denied. For instance, single-use plastic takes years to degrade and stays in the environment for many years. This has caused not only soil pollution but also water pollution as well. Many researchers have found microplastics in ocean water. Hence, we also need various solutions to solve a problem that is affected by multiple factors. Working on a single factor can not produce the desired results.

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Furthermore, increasing petrol prices will only affect middle-class individuals. People who earn a good amount of money would still be able to afford it. To cite an example, rich people are the ones who always prefer private transport such as cars, and if they can afford petrol with high prices, the pollution will remain almost similar to before. Therefore, this solution is not plausible. Instead of raising petrol prices, the government should focus on other solutions such as making better public transport, planting more trees, banning single-use plastic and others. These combined approaches would be much more effective than focusing only on petrol prices.

To conclude, environmental issues need to be tackled immediately. Otherwise, we have to face some serious repercussions. To prevent this, raising petrol prices could be one solution, but it would not be much effective. As environmental damage is a collective process, numerous plausible explanations need to be applied.

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