Talk About Something Important that Has Been Kept in Your Family for A Long Time

Talk about something important that has been kept in your family for a long time.

  • What is it,
  • When your family had it,
  • How your family got it,
  • Why it is important for your family

Sample Answer of Talk About Something Important that Has Been Kept in Your Family for A Long Time

I would like to tell you about an important thing that has been kept in my family for a long time is family photos. Flashing back to the past while all my family members celebrated a family gathering dinner, we took lots of pictures.

It was such a memorable and unforgettable event I had ever had before. When I look at those pictures, It reminds me of lots of good memories that we had in the past. At the time, we had just bought a camera, and we were so hilarious.

We captured plenty of photos, but some were messed up because we had just learned how to use them. Family photos were black and white, and those have been stored safely in the cabinet since I was five years old. Occasionally, we take those albums out and have a look because they put a smile on our faces again.

We are planning to keep those safe and bringing along with us when we tend to move to a different location in the future. I hope our next generation will see the best moments we had as well.

Follow-ups of Talk About Something Important that Has Been Kept in Your Family for A Long Time

Question 1:- Which do you think are better, old things or new things?

Answer:- I think it depends on the things. Some old items are invaluable than the new ones. For example, car collections, ancient coins, old dollar bills. They cost an arm and a leg to buy. However, new things like technology devices are fantastic in the 20th century as those make lives more convenient and comfortable.

Question 2:- As well as family photographs, what are some other things that people keep in their family for a long time?

Answer:- There are many kinds of stuff that people tend to keep for the next generation to remember, including jewellery, furniture, and souvenir. Sometimes, they give those to their children as gifts.

Question 3:- In your culture, what sorts of things do people often pass down from generation to generation? (Why?)

Answer:- In my culture, parents like passing down houses, land, money, and valuable items, including jewellery, because they believe that it’s the obligation of parents to help their sons and daughters to have a good life and live happily.

Question 4:- Why do you think people keep these things?

Answer:- People keep these because they are liquidated. Those items are easily converted into cash to use when an emergency or need. Besides educating their children, parents desire to contribute their will when they have no longer living in this world. They also hope that their children will use it in the right way and grow in the reputation of the family.

Question 5:- What are the benefits (= what is the value/what is the importance) of keeping some old things in the family?

Answer:- I think keeping some old things in the family-like photos and souvenir items are vital because they can bring good memories and pass to the next generation to know about family members, family history and family trees.

Question 6:- Do you think it’s good to recall the past?

Answer:- I would say yes if it was a good memory in the past. We don’t want to keep our feelings suffering by recalling the past. Instead, we would like to forget bad things that happened and remind only fabulous events. Also, we hope that we will create more fun memories to be remembered in the future time.

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