Talk About the Time when You Had to Sing a Song or A Poem in Front of The Public

Talk about the time when you had to sing a song or a poem in front of the public

  • Where were you,
  • What did you sing,
  • How did you feel

Sample Answer of Talk About the Time when You Had to Sing a Song or A Poem in Front of The Public

I usually sing a song when I do household chores like cooking. But here I would like to talk about one time when I sang a song in front of the audience. When I was the 1st standard, then our school organized the annual functions. One day our class teacher came to the class, and she told all the students about this function. Moreover, she told us if someone wanted to enrol in a poems competition, then they could write the name.

I wrote the name for this competition. The next day, our English teacher gave me one poem. The name of the poem was Teddy bear turn around. She was listening to the poem from me with actions. Next Monday, our competition was held; I came there with my family members. The anchor announced my name, then came on the stage, and I started singing a poem.

Everyone looked at me. There were approximately 200 people in this competition. After I finished my poem, everyone clapped loudly and praised me a lot. And I got first prize from my school principal. At that time, I felt special to be a part of this. So, this was the time when I sang a song in front of the people.

Follow-ups of Talk About the Time when You Had to Sing a Song or A Poem in Front of The Public

Question 1:- Do teenagers and adults enjoy the same kind of songs?

Answer:- It depends on them; some of the teenagers like to listen to action songs, such as they mostly preferred Mosse Wala Punjabi singer song. However, adults like to enjoy all sorts of songs like action, sad, romantic also. So, it is hard to say that both like the same kinds of songs.

Question 2:- On which occasions do people in your country sing together?

Answer:- Well, I live in India, and it is a diverse country. There is no need to sing on specific occasions. However, most of the time, people sing at weddings, birthday parties, etcetera.

Question 3:- Which kinds of songs are suitable for children? Why?

Answer:- Nowadays, some of the songs are so vulgar. It would bad effect on the children. According to my perspective, motivational songs are suitable for them.

Question 4:- Do you often (like to) sing?

Answer:- I do not frequently sing. When I am free or alone at that time, I prefer to sing a song. For example, when I finished my household chores. After that, I do not have any work, so that time I sing.

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