Talk About the Advice You Received From Someone That Was Very Helpful

Talk about the advice you received from someone very helpful. Please say

– What was the advice?
– Who gave it to you?
– Why was it helpful?

Sample Answer of Talk About the Advice You Received From Someone That Was Very Helpful.

The best piece of advice I have got was from my Sister in 2011. It happened in my final year of school. At that time, I was beginning to think about what I wanted to do in engineering but she asked me to go for Bachelor’s degree in computer science from a reputed university, which would help me in the future to enhance my skills and ability in the digital world.

My sister helped me a considerable amount so far, Rather than just telling me what she thinks and what should I do, she shares her own real-life experience, which inspires me a lot. As she is very hardworking and energetic towards her career. She always explains to me what are the pros and cons of things she aware of. Therefore enrolling in computer science turned out a core blessing as it helped me to fetch a job right after my study and also taught numerous things.                                                         IELTSData Twitter

Part 3 (Discussion)

– Do you often get advice from older people?

Yes, I do get a lot of advice from old people as it comes positively and productively, having an older generation on my side means huge for me.

– Do you like to advise others?

If others like to listen then I will like to pour suggestions as it comes with no cost so it’s better to explain to someone who is needed.

– Why don’t many people follow good advice?

Following good advice means earning as many individuals as aware that advice comes from real-life experience so it’s beneficial for all.

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