Talk About Your Experience at a Gym

Talk about your experience at a gym. You should say

  • What is the name of the gym?
  • Where is it?
  • When you joined it?
  • How was your overall experience of joining this gym?

We all have to try to be fit and healthy, for being fit some people prefer to join gym whereas some do exercise at home, to overcome the pain of after injury, a host of layman join gym.

Today I would like to talk about my gym experience; around 3 years ago, I suffered from knee pain because of my accidents. After returning from school, I was hit by a bike; I also took medication but unfortunately, after several months, the pain is still.

Our neighbour was suggested I join a gym, also yield me the wisdom about some instruments and home exercise. One gym is in our area its name is KYR gym which is also not far away from my home.

Before visiting or joining I made research, the majority of costumer was satisfied as well as online reviews were good, I also got positive comments on it.

I have joined roughly 2 and a half year ago; firstly, I pay fees and buy 3 months membership if I like, then I will continue that contract. I have a personal trainer who takes care of me and instructs me, and guides me.

The gym atmosphere was goods, and my trainer was also helpful; he was always on time; throughout the spent time, I have never seen him coming late. That gym also believes in the natural way of fitness, and they never promote any chemical or Powder for making body. After 1 week, I saw a change in my pain, and I felt better day by day. 2 months later pain vanished.

I was a member of that gym for 8 months; however, unfortunately, I stopped going to the gym for moving to another city.

Follow Up Questions Talk About Your Experience at a Gym

1. Should people go in for sports more?

I believe that it totally depends on personal views and opinions. However, presently people do more sports activities than in the past as well as sports games competition is also high, and it will increase in future.

2. Which sport is the best for people who aren’t used to work-out?

A host of sports is best for a workout, and the sport required physical activity that is good for the body and its aid, same as workout and gym exercise. Especially outdoor sports is the best option such as cricket, football etc. For playing these types of sports, erudition of it an essential skill is the primary requirement.

3. Why some people enjoy sports more than others?

Sports has connected people to connect. Several people are like sports, or some want to the sportsman. However, the dream did not come true for them for any reason, and some love sports; they have a special emotional connection and interests in it; hence they enjoy sports more than other activities. For instance, my uncle is a dying heart fan of cricket; thus, he watches every cricket match domestic too; last time in 2019, India lose the world cup final that time, he was emotional.

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