Talk About Your Favourite Weather

Describe your favourite weather

  • What kind of weather it is,
  • When this weather usually occurs,
  • What you usually do during this weather,
  • Explain how this weather affects you,
  • And explain why you like this type of weather

Sample Answer of Talk About Your Favourite Weather

There are disparate kinds of weather, such as summer winter monsoon. In India, we do not experience this thing for an equal time owing to our Common Wealth being located near the equator. However, due to global warming, the summer season usually stays for almost six months in the year. This is the reason I adore winter; the winter starts in mid-November in India, and in mid-February, I am fond of winter since the climate remains pleasant and dry.

The sky remains Sunny on most days. One more reason for favouring winter is the availability of fruits and vegetables. During winter, we gain many seasonal fruits and vegetables that prove to be healthy and mouth-watering. It is also stated that a variety of fresh seasonal fruit and vegetable keeps our body fit as a fiddle throughout the year. What is more, I also cherish wearing woollen clothes this season. I often wake up early in the morning and go for a walk or to the gym to exercise.

Moreover, our appetites remain high throughout the season, so our higher food intake makes it possible for us to give more energy to work moreover I often go the magnificent lake to my home for the morning walk and then I like to drink fresh fruit juices to keep myself fit and healthy I can say that just these three months of are capable of making full of beans to us for the rest of the year.

Follow-ups of Talk About Your Favourite Weather

Question 1:- Do you often pay attention to the weather forecast? (Why?/Why not?)

Answer:- actually, I do not see a weather forecast every day, but I see it from time to time for staying connected with the world. I see it whenever it is an emergency. For instance, people had highly affected by the earthquake, and sadly the majority of them died also.

Question 2:- How does the weather (or, the weather forecast) affect what activities people do?

Answer:- weather affects in many ways to people, as far as I know, individual’s feel miserable whenever the weather is not pleasant for instance, rain can affect them early because people have to go for their essential works some people feel on cloud nine as they spend immense time with family while enjoying the weather.

Question 3:- Why do some people dislike some kinds of weather?

Answer:- According to my perspective, inhabitants do not like some types of weather because it leads to many anxious circumstances. To cite an example, last year farmers had got substantial lose in their grains due to highest rainfall and even they got the lowest amount for it.

Question 4:- Does the weather have an effect on the economy?

Answer:- The weather affects people economies through damage to the capital stock, labour supply and labour productivity with the higher temperature and more rain. Moreover, they also are not able to go to their jobs.

Question 5:- Are there any differences in economic activity in the different seasons?

Answer:- The fluctuation in economic activities such as unemployment and inflation affect wages, consumer demand and prices of raw materials. Seasonal fluctuations are short term, but cyclical ups and down could last for long years.

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