The Diagram Below Shows the Process for Recycling Plastic Bottles

The diagram below shows the process for recycling plastic bottles. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The diagram below shows the process for recycling plastic bottles

The process graph elucidates information about making new products from plastic bottles or how plastic bottles are recycled.

Overall, it can be asserted that a total of eight steps are involved in this process, beginning with the collection of plastic bottles and ending with manufacturing new products.

Essentially, at advent, the plastic bottles are collected by workers and then it is stored in the dustbin. Furthermore, the plastic bottles are transferred by a special truck and transferred to the recycling centre. Also, the recycling centre segregates the bottles from other bottles. After that, the plastic bottles are compressed in the form of blocks.

Similarly, these blocks are transferred to a crunching machine, where the block is crushed and stored in the water tank. In addition, after washing every slice of the bottle, it is transferred to the machine, where the slices are converted into pellets, and the pellets are heated to convert them into raw material. Moreover, the raw materials are ready to make different types of products such as bottles, bags, clothes, boxes and pencils.

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