The Diagram Details the Process of Making Leather Products

The diagram details the process of making leather products. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The diagram details the process of making leather products

The steps of producing lather products are depicted by the given processed diagram. Later products are made in 10 different types of steps.

As you have seen from the diagram, the 1st thing we need to make lather Is animal skin. First of all, we have to dry out the animal skin, then dry animal skin transported to the factory for the Order process. In the factory, dry animal skin is washed by using water and lime. After that, it goes for soaking. Soaking is done in the lime. After that, flattening of dry skin is done on the flatter machine.

Furthermore, after flattening, the flattened material is soaked in one mixture called tannin. Basically, this is a mixture of water and vegetable matter. In the next step, the soaked flattened leather goes through the polishing step, where the leather is polished according to customer needs. Then this polished leather is transported to the factory to make different kinds of leather products, and at last, these products are ready to sell.

Or all we can see is That making data is a very lengthy and complicated process.

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