The Graph Shows the Hours Spent on Different Study Methods During a Two-Year Course.

The graph shows the hours spent on different study methods during a two-year course.

The graph shows the hours spent on different study methods during a two-year course.

The chart illustrates the utilisation of hours on several three study methods in the two years of the course.

Overall, it is immediately opinion from the chart that the maximum number of hours consumed on internet study in two years, while library and lectures and classes had least collection of study hours which were finally reached at six.

In detail, in the first year, the highest number of hours spent on the internet began at nearly 3 in the first semester and this amount steadily fairly inclined by three hours in 2nd sem .following this, in the total second-year hours spent on the internet was seven, surprisingly this number skyrocketed and hits of speak at 11. moreover, lectures and classes were the second most popular study method in the first year, which consumed nearly seven hours in the first sem, and this number surged by one hour in the next sem.

Unfortunately, this positive trend turned into a negative one. This number plummeted to six hours in the second year. Still, there’s declination continuously degraded and hit its bottom at 5 hours in semester 2. furthermore, a total of four hours which spent in the library in the first year and this ratio swallowed at 3 in the second sem but suddenly, this number gradually climbed and shot up which a touched the barrier at eight hours in a second year. Unfortunately, after a slight recovery, this value reached another six in the second semester of the second year.

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