Compared to Previous Generations, an Increasing Number of People Are Travelling Overseas for Holidays

Compared to previous generations, an increasing number of people are travelling overseas for holidays. Why is this? Is this a positive or negative trend?

An increasing number of people travel to foreign country instead of their home countries. In my opinion, this is a negative Trend, which can cause local tourist destinations and also affect our national tourism income.

First and for the most reason why this is a negative trend because nowadays, the local government spend a significant proportion of their budget on tourist destination to encourage visitors to travel to other countries instead of our homeland; it is more impact on our national income. Travelling in our country is really beneficial for local shopkeepers to earn money to improve their standard of living. For instance, a recent study by IIMA found tourism is a major source of income and also the most crucial part of every nation.

The second reason is that visiting our local tourist destination helps us gain knowledge of culture and tradition. To explain, many temples and forts represent our rich history. It not only helps to provide information about the freedom fighting movement but also stimulates people to the holy place. Another reason is that spending time in our country is less expensive than travelling to a foreign country. In Other words, it is cheap and economical for every individual. For example, a survey by the University of Oxford found that the expenditure on visits to home countries is 60% less than overseas.

In conclusion, although travelling in our country is ultimately superior and also plays a vital role in the country’s development.

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