Talk About a Person Who Takes Less Mental Stress

Talk About A Person Who Takes Less Mental Stress

  • Who This Person is
  • How well you know him
  • How he saves his energy 
  • Would you like to follow him or be like him

People are easily exhausted and bored by their routine life; in this busy era, people have stress. The majority of mentally stressed people have vocational work tension while women have family and house whereas children have their education.

It takes less mental stress and lives like nothing going on. That talents are very RARE. Today, I would like to talk about the person who always likes to be happy and stress, not interrupt him.

His name is Keyur; he is my school friends, the first time I showed him in my 3 rd grade, that time I just joined the school, consequently he is my first friend in that school.

That first school day, I showed teacher punished him for outer activities and restricted for 2 lecture still he was laughing. He has a great sense of humour and always ready to aid others.

One other incident that I vividly remember, he was failed in the exam, and still, he was ecstatic and laughing if that happened to me; definitely, I was crying at the top of my louder voice.

He believes that always be happy and live like a rockstar; I always love to spend time with him, that period is always precious for me, he always live happily, and I try to adopt it in my life, his less take mental stress ability to aid me in a host of crucial conditions. For instance, in std 10th board exam really helps me.

Follow Up Questions Talk About a Person Who Takes Less Mental Stress

Question: Do you like the fast pace of modern life?

To be honest, yes, this contemporary life is running on the fast way than past, nowadays people can learn more and do more work than in the past owing of fast pace, however, it also has few drawbacks, people easily exhausted by routine lifestyle.

Question: How do you feel when you are really busy?

I feel like I am a robot and doing consistent work, as well as I tired and suffer after completing work. Having busy is sometimes beneficial for me; it succours me to concentrate on a particular task and away from time-wasting activities.

Question: What s the best way to deal with stress?

Try to be cool and calm, when we are under stress take a break and feel relax, it is very paramount, if possible then 40 winks are a good approach, some people also listen to music or talk with they loveable person. For instance, personality I prefer Nap when I have stress.

Question: What relaxation techniques do you usually use?

We easily bored or exhausted by our daily and busy routine lifestyle hence relaxation is crucial. I frequently take some break and naps to relax; sometimes, I like listening to music and playing mobile games on my smartphone; I also like to solve puzzles to relax.

Question: What kind of lifestyle is suitable for people in modern society?

I always a fan of a simple and healthy lifestyle, presently people shifted from it. People like to more enjoyable over hard work and eat spicy foods. However, it occurs predicament in later life—Health, fit and simple lifestyle aid person to live long and ecstatically.

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