The Process of Pu-erh Raw Tea and Ripe Tea: AC Writing Task 1

The Process of Pu-erh Raw Tea and Ripe Tea. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

The Process of Pu-erh Raw Tea and Ripe Tea

The diagrams illustrate pu-erh raw tea and ripe tea production. Overall, it can be seen that it involves five stages, namely pan frying, rolling, drying under the sun, fermentation by mould and ageing by storage.

To begin, the leaves for making both teas are pan-fried. Next, it is rolled on a surface and it is then dried under the sun. Afterwards, it becomes loose raw tea. This is where the production of loose raw and pu-erh raw tea diverges.

Furthermore, the loose raw tea has been fermented by mould, and it turns into loose, ripe tea. Therefore after being compressed, it becomes pu-erh ripe tea. However, to produce vintage pu-erh raw tea, loose raw tea has been compressed, and it turns into pu-erh raw tea. After storing it for some time, it becomes vintage pu-erh raw tea.

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