The Process Shows Diamonds Moving from The Mine to The Retailer: AC Writing Task 1

The process shows diamonds moving from the mine to the retailer.

The process shows diamonds moving from the mine to the retailer.

The given process represented From an overall perspective, this process is divided into 7 to 8 steps.

The first and foremost step is to collect raw diamonds from the mined and then evaluate them according to low and high grades. In the second step, sorted diamonds in high grades are sent for cosmetic use, and low-grade ones are collected by industrial work.

The prices of diamonds selected for cosmetic use are estimated first. After this step, diamonds are appropriately observed by the computer for the best cut.

Whereas this cut is given by two methods, either with the help of a hand or with an electronic machine. Then these cut diamonds are polished nicely.

Lastly, it is rated according to its accuracy and collected by retailers. Other diamonds which belong to the low grade are included in only three steps. Firstly diamonds are cut out and shaped according to the preference. The following step allows us to test their hardness. The price is decided with enough estimation. After that, this ready to use diamonds are sent to the retailers.

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