The Table Below Gives Information on The Average Hours and Minutes Spent by Uk Males and Females

The table below gives information on UK males’ and females’ average hours and minutes on different daily activities. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The table below gives information on average hours and minutes spent by UK males and females on different daily activities.

The table illustrates the average hours and minutes used by Uk male and female citizens on different activities.

Overall, the Maximum time spent by males and females on sleep is around 8 hours, while the least is spent on sports activities.

8.18 hours spent by Uk females during sleep, which was the maximum compared to males. It’s interesting to note that women devote an equal amount of time to resting and personal care, around 48 minutes. The men’s spent 25 minutes more time watching TV/DVD or listening to music than females, while only spending 2.25 hours on the above activities.

The amount of time individuals spend on employment and studying both males and females is 3.45 and 2.26, respectively—two times more housework done by women than men mentioned as 1.41 hours. In child care, men spend almost half the time as women, which is indicated as 30 minutes.

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