People Living in The 21st Century Have a Better Life Quality than People Who Lived in Previous Times

People living in the 21st century have a better quality of life than those in previous times. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, people’s quality of life has tremendously increased compared to previous years. I agree with this statement because presently the communication and transport facilities are better than before therefore the everyday living of the people is improved.

To begin with, the communication barriers have been narrowed in the 21st century. As an explanation, in the past, communication over the long-distance was rigid and slow; however, nowadays, people have more choices, and it is easy to communicate all over the world. For instance, in the previous century com, communication was possible by using postal services; however, presently, communication is possible with the use of phones or the internet—additionally, the arrival of innovative machines helps people reduce their effort and time.

To continue, as compared to the past, transport is flexible. To clarify, it took a long time for people in the olden times to transport their goods. On the other hand, it has become more convenient and fast. For example, old transport in India was about animals, such as buffalo or donkeys, but In modern times, cars or ships are more rapid than before. Moreover, medical technologies are improved; therefore, the standard of living is also enhanced.

To sum up, compared to the olden days, the standard of living is improved in 21 st century. This is because of new technologies usable in communication and transport, .not only but also the medical and daily work.

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