The Threat of Nuclear Weapons Maintains World Peace. Nuclear Power Provides Cheap and Clean Energy

The threat of nuclear weapons maintains world peace. Nuclear power provides cheap and clean energy. The benefits of nuclear technology far outweigh the disadvantages. Do you agree or disagree?

Although nuclear weapons hold a colossal role in attaining global peace, at the same time, atomic power generates inexpensive as well as purified forms of energy. However, I strongly relate to the notion that nuclear technology has more benefits than limitations.

To commence with, Technological enhancements in nuclear power becomes fruitful to those Nations where there is a scarcity of fossil fuel or other naturally occurring means to generate energy. To explicate, countries near-polar region face depletion in solar power or minerals like coal or fossils, resulting in energy production through nuclear reactions helping them survive in extreme weather conditions. To cite an example, according to a report from the UN in 2021, out of 36 polar Nations, 30 were dependent on nuclear power generated in nuclear power plants and made use of it to protect themselves from extreme cold weather.

Probing ahead, the world’s economic giants hold the most potent military armies. To protect the nation from the attack of these giants, petit economies have to take the sport of nuclear weapons. To elaborate, small countries preserve nuclear and atomic weapons for future attacks or war situations. The importance of nuclear weapons can be practically witnessed in the Ukraine and Russia war, where Ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons to Russia in the past. Still, if the former nation had some nuclear weapons, then the war would have never been initiated by the Russians, resulting in both countries being peaceful.

To culminate, I would reiterate my opinion that the merits of nuclear technology overshadow its demerits completely, as it directly supports the survival of a nation.Follow Us on Follow Us on IELTSDATA Twitter

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