Tips and Tricks for IELTS Speaking Test

# Important Tips and Tricks for IELTS Speaking Test

Hello students,
Today I will give you some tips and tricks related to the IELTS speaking module. In IELTS there are four modules such as listening, reading, writing and speaking. Each and every module has it’s on band score and equally important. However, the student faced so many problems especially in the speaking module during the exam. So that we will provide you important tips which help you to get a good band score.

If we talking about speaking, firstly you should know about the four Carretera of marking in speaking module.
1- fluency and coherence
In simple words, it can be explained as the ability to speak with normal speed and natural continuity. But most of the students misunderstood it. They think that fluency is just about speed. One thing that I made clear to you it has nothing to do with speedy speaking. You have to speak with your normal speed and without hesitation. I think I made it clear to you about fluency and coherence.

2. Lexical resource
It Can be explained as the ability to speak an appropriate word for an appropriate situation in speaking. In other words, I mean to say you have a good range of vocabulary knowledge. For example, if you’re talking about teacher then you do not repeat the same word so many times. You should use synonyms of this word such as teacher can be replaced with a tutor, mentor, guide and so on

3. Grammatical range and accuracy

If you want to get a higher band score in speaking IELTS then you should use the proper tenses, verb forms, articles and other rules of grammar. I mean to say that you should use correct grammar in speaking. Candidate should show that he or she is comfortable with the use of a different kind of sentence formation, for example, simple sentence, complex sentence, and compound sentence as well.

4. Pronunciation

It means that you should speak the correct word which is clearly understandable by the listener. In simple words, you should be pronounce loud and clear which do not create any difficulty to understand what you want to say to the examiner.

These are the four criteria which help to increase your band score. And I hope I will clear each and every marking criteria.

Some other important tips which you keep in your mind why you giving your IELTS exam.
1: Don’t be hesitate and confident to speak.
2: Positive attitude
3: Be on time or  be punctual
4: First understand the question then speak
5: Proper eye contact
6: Proper body language
7: Right use of your hands to explain your point of view.
8: Be polite when you speak
9: Never use some harsh words.
10: Positive pause.

These are some simple tips which give you a better result. So follow these steps and get your required band score.

You can also use some fillers or connectors to reduce the long pause or make your sentence more attractive. I will explain briefly the fillers or connectors.

1: You can start with simple connectors such as well, yes of course, yeah sure, to be honest, no not at all, yes definitely.

2: In the middle of paragraphs or your
speaking you can use, for example, to add to it, in addition to it, apart from it, moreover, furthermore, another reason is this and so on.

3: In the last you can use such as, last but not least, eventually, all in all, overall, to conclude and etc.

4: Some other important fillers which you can use in speaking like, fortunately, unfortunately, certainly, gradually, luckily and so on.

If you want to get 7 plus bands then you should use at least 5 to 6 fillers or connector in your speaking.

There are some questions which frequently asked by students about IELTS speaking.
1: Some student ask that does the IELTS speaking test check general knowledge of candidate?
The answer to this question is no. It’s only a language test, not a general knowledge exam. Students can there their personal experience and opinion with the examiner. In fact, the examiner did not ask you about who is the first President of your country. He or she only wants to check you are language fluency or your knowledge related to language.

2: Some students want to know that he or she should formal cloth for traditional clothes when they appear in the speaking test?
The answer to This question is that it is not mandatory to wear formal clothes in the IELTS exam. Only wear those clothes in which you feel more comfortable. Your band scores do not fully depend on your clothing style.

3: Most of the students ask what can I request my examiner to change the question if I don’t understand it?

An answer to this question is no you can’t ask your examiner to change the question. However, if you don’t understand any question then you definitely request him or her to rephrase or repeat the question. But your request should be more polite for example, you can say that could you please repeat this question again for me or maybe you can say that could you please rephrase this question.

That’s all the points which you keep in your mind when you are giving your speaking exam. I hope I will clear most of the doubt of yours. Please follow these instructions, tips, and tricks for better results in IELTS  exam.

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