Today Family Members Eat Fewer Meals Together. Why Is This?

Today family members eat fewer meals together. Why is this? Is this a positive or negative trend?

Nowadays, it is very uncommon in families to meet at a certain time and have breakfast, lunch and dinner. This trend happened because of a balance between personal and professional life. However, it is the responsibility of the parents to spend their time with offspring and leads them on a good path; otherwise, they might get a bad company which ultimately spoil their life. It has some positive and negative trends, which I am going to examine with relevant examples.

One of the main reason why people do not have time to spend with their families is that individual has been working more than normal hours. For instance, recent articles published by the time of India tell that present generation people are working more compared to the past citizens.

On the positive hand, working long hours help improve productivity which Enhances the gross domestic product of a country. For instance, Japanese people usually prefer to work more. As a result, the GDP of Japan gradually increased over the year. Hard work guarantees high pay, thus helping to build the financial stability be the family. For example, Scandinavian country people are most hard-working, as a result, they paid high Salary to compare to the other European countries which ultimately helps them to be financially Independent.

On the other hand, not spending time with family members and Children can lead to an emotionally weak person. Moreover, children might take the wrong route like Smoking, drinking alcohol and life-threatening. For instance, a recent article published by the Times of India shows that nearly 80% of teenagers are addicted to bad habits due to a lack of attention from their parents.

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