Many Parents Complain About Violence Promoted to Their Children Through Video Games

Many parents complain about violence promoted to their children through video games, TV programs, and other media. Why is it happening? What can be the solution for it?

Sample Answer of Many parents complains about violence promoted to their children through video games


It is commonly complained by many guardians that their children are becoming a victim of TV programs and gaming tools which produces brutal violence. Firstly this essay shall discuss how such activities inspire youth to perform heinous crime in the future as it is part of fun which turns into deleterious criminal activities, secondly this essay shall discuss that what are the measures can be taken to prevent such acts.

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Since the introduction of mass media, digital televisions, and gaming tools like Play stations, X-box inspire teenagers and adults to act badly in society. Parents are more concerning than ever as they are also afraid to lose their children. Digital gadgets and mass media productions are lucrative business globally every child wants to be like their ideal personality but somewhere they lost the charm of the real-world and mesmerize by gaming tools which only make them lazy and addictive. Gaming tools and mass media are paid versions of imaginative thoughts as they only gain wealth while producing such things at the world stage which amplifies badly on teenagers as they have very less exposure to the real world and they try to intimate the same act in real life. Thus, a reflection of violence always leads to create a negative impact on youth.


Moreover, higher authorizes should act wisely and monitor such activities as teenagers are the ones who will lead their respective nations in the future. Things like banning and time shuffling might work in favor of parents. As news channels should broadcast such news at late night where the majority of children sleep early, secondary, movie producers should ask and campaign for animated movies which engross more attention of children. Encouraging teenagers to watch sporting events, which leads to distractions criminal movies, and computer games. Therefore, governments play a vital role to develop better next generations for their nation.


To conclude, the above arguments have given numerous ideas to reduce violence in society, which may help to reduce the amount of threat to the world and youth as well.

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