Today, Many People Do Not Realise the Importance of The Natural World

Today, Many People Do Not Realise the Importance of The Natural World. Why Is This? How Can People Be Encouraged to Learn More About how Important the Natural World Is?

Nowadays, humans are failing to understand the significance of the natural world. I think many reasons make mankind forget about the need to preserve nature. However, we can try to explain and motivate them to save mother earth.

One key reason people ignore nature is that they do not know its future effects. People are used to a luxurious lifestyle which gives them the comfort of living. Still, they cannot notice the damage they are causing to the earth by using vehicles, refrigerators, air conditioners, industries and so on, causing harmful impacts such as global warming, soil erosion and pollution.

Another important reason is ignorance. Though many scientists are warning about the future consequences of deforestation, governments continue to permit to set up of industries and apartments in the forest area, killing innocent animals and causing an imbalance in nature.

In my opinion, To save nature, governments should make some new reforms and laws to ensure the safety of nature. Strict punishments and fines should be imposed against people causing damage to the greenery. Furthermore, mass awareness programmes should be organised explaining the importance of saving nature.

Governments should also introduce and make it mandatory to study environmental science. A certain weightage must be given to the subject marks during schooling, which will bring a positive change from an early age. Parents should try to encourage their children to plant trees. Following these steps will help in bringing a considerable amount of positive change among everyone.

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