Today the World Has Many Urgent Problems and Solving

Today the world has many urgent problems and solving them is possible by nations cooperation. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

No doubt there are several global issues which can be tackled with the help of other nations. Some people think this is not the right way to solve the problems and others think this is the immersive way to resolve serious issues. However, I agree with this notion that if a country takes help from another nation, they can improve their country economically.

Nowadays, from the financial point of view, half of the world suffering from crisis. Financial stableness around the world is possible with the help of developed nations. Sometimes underdeveloping countries export their good at cheap rates, which let those countries in debts. This Delima can be resolved by giving loan in easy term and conditions from the world bank.

In some countries, they are not able to provide job to a talented person due to their limited scope; then, people move to other nations to earn their bread and butter. To overcome this worry, the developed nation should give jobs to talented person from their home country. To cite an example, in some professions, there is a possibility to provide online jobs and knowledge, which is helpful for underdeveloped nations.

Every nation is facing its diverse kind of obstacle day by day. Getting help from other nation is not that easy. If a country needs help from another nation, they have to pay a hefty amount to another nation, which is impossible for every country to pay such a huge amount. To solve any problem, every nation can start changes from the core. A developed country does not need to think about the worries of backward nations.

To sum up, there are several issues which the nation itself can solve. However, I am inclined to advocate if other nations can help an emerging country, giving them a boost to a particular nation.

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