Violence in Society Increases when More Violence Is Shown on Television

Violence in society increases when more violence is shown on television. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, Crux’s crime rates have been slightly increased over the last few years. Some people believe that a host of games and television programs demonstrate violent content; thus, it forges violence. I partially agree with the given notion, and my inclination will be justified in paragraphs along with a logical conclusion.

There are several reasons behind it that indicate violence is increasing in society via movies. Firstly, in this contemporary times, people prefer enjoyment by watching TV, playing computer or electronic games and several other ways. Program writers and directors make action series or movies to attract people as well as for full package movies. This type of movie is pernicious for communities, and it spreads rampantly. Secondly, several die hart fans or TV programs are crazy followers, and people attempt to copy it and try to implement it in real life. For instance, in 2015, the FBI arrested seven-member of the gang, 32 robbery cases, five citizen murders and other charges; after being arrested, they told that they were influenced by famous Hollywood movie series fast and furious.

Several other factors also contribute to rampant, not only via television. Lack of erudition and education are also the reason for it. Additionally, we all know that water, food and shelter are pivotal stuff for a living; any layman do it for essential requirements, many laymen do it to full fill essential requirements. Moreover, terrorist groups and unwanted organizations also spread it.

To sum up, nowadays, one of the predicaments is increasing violence, some people think that reason for this influence is a TV program. I believe that unique and different content producers forge scenes that spread violence as well as TV series addicted and insane followers. Furthermore, a host of other factors also contribute to jump up rampant.

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