Write a Letter to Your Colleague Asking for Help in Setting up The Equipment for Your Presentation.

Write a letter to your colleague asking for help in setting up the equipment for your presentation. In your letter, you should:

  • Tell when and where the presentation will take place
  • Describe your arrangements
  • Tell him/her what equipment you need.

Dear Varun,

I hope you are doing good and your official matter was moving spectacularly as per your plan. I am writing this letter in regards, and I have an official presentation with a few delegates about our newly awarded project. All the arrangements for a presentation I completed today but, I am not able to set up the projector. Please fix it without fail; otherwise, all the scheduled programs will be entirely hampered.

The presentation will take place in our conference hall at tomorrow morning 10.30 am. Ministry and bank officials, auditors, consultants and our company representatives, including management officials, are also available for the program.

Presentation planned for nearly two hours. It begins with the director’s speech and immediately moves on to the presentation. In addition, I planned for a combined discussion with guests. All the arrangements have been completed till now except the projector. Apart from this, please double-check for the seating arrangements, lights, air condition and generator. If power failure may happen, generator support is unavoidable.

As I mentioned in the beginning, please arrange a projector without fail. The previous one was not functioning properly. In addition, one laser pointer is also essential for the program.

I hope you can understand the situation and please do the needful. I am expecting adequate support without fail.

Yours Sincerely,

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