You Are in a High-Rise Building, Which Has a Communal Laundry Room

You are in a high-rise building, which has a communal laundry room. Sometimes people don’t come in time to empty the machines, and other residents have to wait for a washer or driver. You think the building management should purchase 10 extra laundry baskets and make them available for such times so that the machines can be freed up.

Write to the Property Manager, Mr Watson. In your letter:

Explain how long you have been a resident
Describe the problem
Propose your solution

Mr Watson,

I am writing this letter regards to, the problem we are facing in the laundry room frequently. My name is Anish, and I am a resident of Room No-23 A from the beginning. In the laundry room, People were not properly operating the machines and related amenities, there for the other residents felt problematic.

There were a smaller number of laundry baskets only available in the laundry room moreover, in that half of them were damaged. Therefore, residents did not get the baskets on time, and they cannot wash or dry their clothes on time. Due to this, the students and workers of the same building felt disappointed, and they cannot go to school or job on time.

Kindly arrange ten more baskets, and that may be very helpful to the tenants. In addition, my suggestion is to please appoint a supervisor to coordinate to manage the same room. Rather than this, arrange a meeting for renters and officials from your side and provide suitable timing to every building member. That may help everyone.

I hope you will consider my request and expecting adequate action.

Yours truly,

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