Talk About a New Startup in the Society Cue Card

Talk about a new startup in the society cue card

  • What do you know about the startups?
  • What are the advantages?
  • What can be the potential disadvantages?

Well, startup’s are generally initiated by single person or group of members. Nowadays due to job insecurity, people are doing side business and they don’t invest more and with little money they can start. There are many business that are running successfully either online or offline. It has many benefits to people aa well as to the companies who starts any new business.

Let’s take an example of network marketing in which individuals earn great money within a short period of time. The best start-ups businesses are described in a book Rich Dad Poor Dad. So people really get motivate and inspire others to be a part of their work and such businesses are very beneficial to raise the economy of a country.

Moreover, people also face huge loss due to its failure. If it is started by a group then all will suffer. Sometimes due to recession, people are unable to get profit and sales get diminished. So this is a business that I know.

Part 3 Follow-Ups Talk About a New Startup in the Society Cue Card

Question 1:- Is market research important for export business?

Yes definitely market research is very important for export business as if they know well where to sell and how much quantity they need to sell then the sales of the products can enhance astronomically. So market research play a vital role in enhancing the sales of the products and people have various sources like they can search from newspaper, internet etc.

Question 2:- In Busines, Do companies need to be competitive?

Yes of course. Because competition forces the manufacturers to produce authentic products with genuine prices. So competitive spirit is needed in any business.It is beneficial for the people as they can search various websites about the single product and then they can decide which one to buy and from which company they want to buy.

Question 3:- What should be the Government’s role in how small businesses are run?

Government can help alot in running small businesses successfully like if they need a loan then government can give them loan on less interest rate and apart from it government can help small scale industries by providing subsidies. So in this way, small scale businesses can exist because these are very helpful for creating employment opportunities.

Question 4:- how can Business benefit the community in which they are located?

Well business can help local inhabitants in many ways like local people can get authentic products at less prices and they can also get jobs so it will not be an expensive affair for them as well as for the businesses,they can run successfully because they need not to spend more on the transportation for the employees as local people can work day and night. So it is helpful not only for the local people but also for the companies too.

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