You Have Been Working for A Company for Over a Few Years and Have Decided to Leave

You have been working for a company for over a few years and have decided to leave. Write a letter to your company manager saying you want to go. In your letter, explain:

  • What have you learned while working for the company?
  • Whether you enjoy working there?
  • What are your reasons for leaving?

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to inform you of my inability to continue working with you. I have been appointed as a marketing executive in your company, and I devoted seven years of my life to the company’s development.

Let me inform you that I have acquired significant experience while working in your company. Initially, I was not outspoken, but now, after working with foreign clients, I am more confident and rational. Besides, I get to know the marketing tactics, share market and how to operate technology. This all has happened due to working in your company.

Suffice it to say that working with some aged colleagues or older ones was enjoyable. I never took leave and attended every meeting. This is the result of the hospitable ambience in the company. Besides, every first day of the weekend was more interesting, particularly the gym session. This was indeed a stress buster for all the employees.

You would be surprised to know I want to leave this job because of my old parents. Although my parents advised me not to leave it, I was helpless. I cannot leave my parents in the lurch as they have been living alone, far away from my workplace. So, I have to take care of them. Besides, I cannot arrange their accommodation at my place as they cannot live in a city. They prefer to live in the village. I am highly indebted to you for everything I have learnt from you.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours Faithfully,

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