The Leaders of Most Organizations Tend to Be Older People

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The Leaders of Most Organizations Tend to Be Older People

The leaders of most organizations tend to be older people. However, some argue that younger people make better bosses. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

There are numerous companies whose owners are old people. Some proportion of people believes that younger people are making good bosses rather than older people. I totally agree with this content. I discussed my views in the given paragraphs.

Firstly, In the modern era, young people have new technological skills. They performed their work very efficiently by using different kinds of equipment. Moreover, They have the ability to work for long hours as compared to old people. Youngsters are more capable of performing every kind of work. They have more knowledge about every field that is more beneficial for their work. The youngster has many impressive abilities, Such as and are good learners and determined people. Thus, these qualities make them a better choice to run their institution.

In addition, Young people are more creative. They use their techniques better to perform every work than senior people. They also used experimental techniques and checked all the factors before taking any more important decisions for the firm. Young people are also good speakers as well as more intelligent. By doing more hard work, individuals reach their business peak. They will launch their previous products in this competitive environment by adding some new effective features. Employees also like to work with these people because young people are more interesting and enjoyable.

In conclusion, Elder people are the more experienced person to lead their organizations. But a youngster can run their business efficiently with fresh ideas.

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