You Have Recently Attended a Two-Day Course, and Now the Course Organizer Is Asking

You have recently attended a two-day course, and now the course organizer is asking for your review and comments. Write a letter to the course organizer. In your letter, you should:

  • describe the course
  • explain whether or not you liked the course, and why
  • provide some suggestions for improvement.

Dear Mr Smith,

I am writing you regarding the review of the two day English course I partook in on the 2/07/2021 to 4/07/2021 at the city conference hall.

It was really engaging, and the course touched on a different facet of grammatical construction. Different types of letters and essays were not left out either. The program also shed light on the proper usage of various punctuation marks.

Although the program was really interactive and educative, I think there are areas that need improvement. To begin with, because the conference hall was located in the city centre, the amount of noise that was generated by motorists and other activities really interrupted the class. Also, the space wasn’t quite spacious to accommodate the participants, which seemed like a shame.

Therefore I may suggest that, in subsequent lectures, the public library could be used instead because of it. It is quite spacious and away from the bustling of the city centre.

I hope my suggestions might be considered.

Kind Regards,

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