You Lost an Item While Travelling on A Bus: GT Writing Task 1

You lost an item while travelling on a bus. An employee of the bus company assisted you in recovering your lost item. Write a letter to the company manager to thank the employee. In your letter, –

  • Describe what you lost and how the employee helped you find it.
  • Say how you felt after recovering from it.
  • Explain why it was important to you.

Dear Sir,

I am ________________, one of the regular commuters of bus 123, writing this letter to express my gratitude to one of your company’s employees who not only helped find my lost gold ring but also managed to track me down with his presence of mind and problem-solving capabilities. Last week, I lost the ring while travelling to the office. I usually have my bus pass identification card to show the bus conductor. After verifying the details, like validity and personal information, I got the concession ticket from him.

After reaching the office, I realized I had lost my ring. I immediately thought of connecting with your customer care service to inform by providing all required personal information and bus information such as bus number, boarding and departure stop, and bus timing. He acknowledged the information and said he would reach me on my mobile number. Surprisingly, I received a call in the afternoon from an unknown number, and he introduced himself as the bus conductor who was on duty on bus 123.

He said he found my ring on the steps while I was getting down from the bus, he saw the ring quite closely and found my name engraved on the back of the ring, later he thought of checking the passenger’s information from the ticketing machine which is possible for the ones having seasonal concession passes, he found my personal information and called up to inform that he found the ring and deduced details from the ticketing machine, I was overjoyed, and it was music to my ears. I felt it was impossible to find a needle in a haystack, but he proved it wrong with his level-headedness and sharp observation.

This ring was gifted to me by my grandmother, and she insisted to engraved my name on it along with my date of birth. It is so special to me; I literally went numb after losing it. I hope this letter highlights his dedication and help in this situation. I will surely use your bus network again and recommend it to all my friends.

Yours faithfully

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