You Need to Take Some Time Off Work and Want to Ask Your Manager About This

You are working for a company. You need to take some time off work and want to ask your manager about this. Write a letter to your manager. In your letter:

  • Explain why you want to take time off work.
  • Give details of the amount of time you need.
  • Suggest how your work could be covered while you are away.

Dear Sir,

I am Shreya Thakkar, working in the IT department of your company, writing this letter to request you to grant me leave for one month.

Let me explain my situation in more detail. Three days back, I fell downstairs and got injured. Initially, I just took painkillers to relieve my pain. But the pain started increasing and became unbearable, so I visited an orthopaedic doctor. He suggested taking an X-ray of my back. X-ray shows that my spine is injured.

The doctor has advised me to take complete bed rest for a minimum of 20 days and then physiotherapy after that. I need at least one month’s rest to recover so I can come to the office and do my job.

In my absence, my work could be distributed to my colleagues Natasha and Safin as they are working on the same project and know every detail about it. I assure you that I will guide them on zoom meetings as and when needed.

I would appreciate it if you grant me leave for one month. Hoping to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

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