Rich Countries Often Give Money to Poorer Countries, but It Does Not Solve Poverty

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Rich Countries Often Give Money to Poorer Countries, but It Does Not Solve Poverty

Rich countries often give money to poorer countries, but it does not solve poverty. Therefore, developed countries should give other types of help to poor countries rather than financial aid.

A lot of rich countries support poorer nations with financial aid, but this cannot solve the entire poverty. It is agreed that rather than helping by providing money, they can provide moral support for taking them to a better position than they are now. This essay will enlighten how the basic facilities and a reduction in crime level go hand in hand with this.

Firstly, it seems that providing cash to the developing kingdom makes them move to a better position, but all the problems cannot be solved only with wealth. Basic facilities should be given so all the poverty would vanish. As an illustration, Chennai suffered a huge loss in 2015 due to a massive flood attack. The necessary items were provided at that time rather than only supplying amounts. Many pregnant ladies were admitted to the hospital, food was supplied to all needy, and even shelter was provided. Moreover, all the people were rushed to a safer place. For the improvement of a country, this needs to be done to every needy at regular intervals and not once in a blue moon.

Furthermore, the major increase in crime rate is the important reason why many are still in the progress of coming up. However, lack of understanding and bonding has led to this pathetic situation where Child abuse is becoming the most popular. For example, parents worry about sending their six-year-old child to school. The level of safety has decreased. Recently I heard about a situation where a kid of 4 years was raped by her school van driver, and he killed her. This is the significance behind most of the territories that are suffering.

In conclusion, I strongly agree that finance alone cannot solve the entire undergoing problem, whereas all other needs along with money can contribute to the improvement.

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