You Recently Discovered that There Are Plans to Construct an Airport

You recently discovered that there are plans to construct an airport in your locality. Write a letter to the local authority. In your letter, you should tell:

Explain how you knew about the plans

Describe the negative effect of the construction on your neighbourhood

Suggest a possible solution to the problem.

Dear Sir,

I am writing to express my concern about building a new airport in my local area, Avenue Lane.

All local media broadcast this unpleasant news yesterday, and I should mention that none of my community is happy about this plan. Firstly, there is a lavish park in my area that is the best place for tranquillity, and the majority of my neighbours spend their free time in this open space; however, it should be diminished for having a new airport. So you can imagine how disappointed I was when finding it.

Secondly, living near an airport means that people who live nearby should tolerate all noise of arrivals and departures, and it would not be easy for the elderly and children. Besides, I heard that apart from the negative effect of loud noise, air pollution of the airport has many bad consequences on vulnerable people.

There is a local airport just 50 kilometres away from my home. I think it would be good to develop an existing local airport instead of building a new one. In this case, the local authority reaps benefits and saves some budget.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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