Talk about a Short Journey that You Often Take but Do Not like

Talk about a short Journey that you often take but do not like

  • where you go
  • when you go there
  • why you go there
  • and explain why you do not like this trip

Sample Answer of Talk about a Short Journey that You Often Take but Do Not like

Few people love to travel often, but I am really not a huge fan of it, especially when it comes to longer journeys. Let me explain a specific journey that I don’t wish to take, but I have to travel with no other left. Basically, I am working for a company located far away from my house, it’s almost one and half hour journey from my place, and I have to travel to my workplace every weekday by using public transportation because I have recently met with an accident. I cannot drive a car or a bike. So it’s like I have to wake up so early even though I am not a morning person, which actually disheartens me so much… However, I would catch the bus around 7 AM to at least reach my office by 9’o clock.

One thing that I feel is more cumbersome is, although my working hours are just 8 hours per day, I would spend almost 12 to 13 hours because of this long distance, delayed bus. I’m completely okay to wait for a bus, but I get annoyed when the bus is crowded. Moreover, because of the traffic congestion during peak hours, I feel so exhausted, and it takes a lot of time for me to get back to normal. I hope more technological advancements should happen in the near term, like having a bullet train that can travel at the speed of an aeroplane would really benefit the public as it is an efficient mode of transportation and environmentally friendly. Still, yeah, I hate travelling to my workplace, and sometimes I get exceedingly displeased to go and work in the office. I wish I could do work from home, but my manager has been changed recently, and I am sceptical about asking for that.

Follow-ups Talk about a Short Journey that You Often Take but Do Not like

Question 1. Do Indian people like to travel abroad?

Answer – In my opinion, Indian people aspire to travel overseas, especially in Canada, America, Australia, etc. They think that they can earn more or benefit from higher education standards. In addition, the modern lifestyle and pollution-free environment are also captivating to myriad people.

Question 2. How much time do you think people should spend on a trip abroad?

Answer – Ah, I cannot say exactly; perhaps I think it depends on the purpose of their trip. Students who travelled to Canada to complete their masters would return to their home countries after their education, or if they get their visa extended, they may wish to stay back and start working to earn some dollars.

Question 3. Who prefers travelling abroad, the young or the old?

Answer – In this cosmopolitan world, everyone is becoming highly competitive, so I think both age groups love to travel if they get the chance. Younger people usually migrate for higher education and adults, and older adults can also be seen travelling abroad as dependents to their children or for work purposes.

Question 4. Which is better for knowing more about a country travelling or reading books about it?

Answer – I personally feel that travelling gives more exposure to the country than the level we get when we read that country’s book. Because practical experience is always factual and real compared to the imaginary knowledge of reading a book. For instance, when people travel, they get to watch and observe the country’s cultures, lifestyle, amenities, and weather. A book just gives you a picture of what is available and what can be done, but there is no way for you to feel it real.

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