You Saw an Advertisement in the Paper for a Property Management

You saw an advertisement in the paper for a property management position at an apartment complex. Write a letter to express your interest. Include

Why you are writing

Your suitability for the role

How you would approach the position

Dear sir,

I am Vikas, and writing this letter in response to an advertisement published in a local newspaper placement section. I would like to apply for the property manager position at your newly established Sam Apartments in Ludhiana.

I firmly recommend myself as the most suitable candidate for the concerned position since I have experience and excellent references in this field. Moreover, for the last eight years, I have been working with Pyramid incorporations, which is running several complexes around a plethora of cities. In addition to this, I am familiar with the daily tasks involved, such as collecting rents, maintenance of building and liaison with tenants.

If you would provide me with this job, I can assure you of my dedication, sincerity and honesty. My professional experience could also bring a high level of professionalism to the role. Herewith I annexed my resume and letter of experience for further acknowledgement.

I look forward to an optimistic revert from you.

Yours Faithfully,

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