Crimes and Other kinds of information on Tv and Newspapers

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Crimes and Other kinds of information on Tv and Newspapers

Crimes and Other kinds of information on Tv and Newspapers have bad consequences. This kind of information should be restricted to be shown in the media. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement?

Undoubtedly, the news is the most advanced way to get acquainted with the happenings nearby and overseas. However, many people opine that restrictions ought to be imposed on publishing news based on wicked crime. I firmly agree with this ideology, and upcoming segments are going to demonstrate my personal viewpoint with examples and explanations.

To embark with, needless to say, crime-based news is vital to alert people about new sorts of crimes occurring in their surroundings and to save humanity. This not only helps to identify crime at an early stage but also provide measures to protect ourselves from the afterwards consequences. For example, cybercrime is trending, and different news channels are reflecting it vigorously so that people could be aware of it and protect themselves from heavy losses. Therefore, some part of the news is inevitable since it helps to decrease the level of crime.

However, crime scenes should not be portrayed directly on television or the internet, especially those that put panic among viewers. For instance, when news channels describe a serial killer that could be a neighbour or relative, it inserts a mental threat and creates trust issues among them. Moreover, by providing a detailed description of Crime, instead of making aware, one provides innovative ways to attempt crimes and escape them. Hence, such antisocial content should not be on screen.

In conclusion, although news makes us ready for miss happenings, crime-themed news that provokes social unrest, such as threats among the general public, must be banned to depict publicly.

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