You Wish to Study at A Foreign University: GT Writing

You wish to study at a foreign university. Write a letter to the university. In your letter you should ask about the following:

  • the accommodation and fees
  • possible scholarships
  • and the qualifications required for acceptance.

Dear Sir,

I am Mayank Chauhan, pursued higher education in June 2020. I am writing this regarding getting some information on admission for and during graduation. I wish to study at one of the reputed universities like yours.

Firstly, the course and education quality the university provides is commendable. However, would like to know about accommodation which I am unaware of. What kind of stay would it be within or out of campus, how many students staying in a single room, and will it be a full or semi-furnished room? Besides, what will be the fee structure, and to what extent are universities flexible on fees?

Secondly, I am a bright student and if there is room for a scholarship for myself. Since I belong to a middle-class family, it will be a relief to my family. And what more courses and qualifications are required to be accepted by universities? For instance, any IT course, minor course, or university entrance test.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Yours faithfully

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