The Best Way to Make the Road Transport of Goods Safer Is to Ask Drivers to Take a Driving Test Each Year

The best way to make the road transport of goods safer is to ask drivers to take a driving test each year. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The safety of goods is an essential aspect towards the development of every economy. As a matter of fact, some people argue that the most appropriate means to keep goods in good shape is by testing drivers seasonally. This essay discusses why I entirely disagree with this notion, as the safety of products can be ensured by constructing good roads and employing experienced drivers.

To commence with, products could be kept in good form by the government investing more money in constructing good roads along which these items could be transported. Without any doubt, the majority of the roads along which goods are transported are in very bad condition. That is, most of them are untared, and those that are even tared have lots of potholes on them; as such, this results in various forms of accidents which are usually not the fault of drivers. To cite an example, in Ghana, a vast majority of roads for transporting vegetables and Cocoa are very rough, which normally leads to accidents which finally destroy these products.

Another reason I believe testing drivers transporting goods yearly is of no value is that employing experienced drivers with profound driving skills could also prevent products from being put in danger. Although there are myriad drivers in present times, not everyone has the required experience in moving big trucks containing items like Cocoa, flour, vegetables and so on over a long distance. So if drivers are scrutinized very well in order to know that they possess the required skills in the transportation of these items, their safety would be assured. To buttress this point, Ghanaian times recently announced that an unqualified driver working for one tomato industry drove carelessly when transporting the goods, resulting in a destructive accident.

In conclusion, I reiterate my opinion that it is unlikely that testing drivers yearly would curb the fact that goods being transported will not be put in danger. However, authorities investing in the construction of good roads and taking skilful drivers could help put products in good shape whiles transporting them.

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