Young People Have Different Ideas and Attitudes Than Their Parents and Grandparents

Young people have different ideas and attitudes than their parents and grandparents. What are the differences, and what problem may it cause?

Today’s youngsters have different ideologies as well as point of view than their parents and old parents. The differences may be due to the generation gap, Technology and it can cause several problems like misunderstanding in the family as well as broken families. 

At the outset, the main difference is the generation gap and due to it, both generations have a disagreement on many issues such as resentment over clothes, culture and to name but a few. Elderly people are contrary to fashion as they believe in simple living and high thinking; whereas youngsters in order to look dandy blindly follow fashion because they know that if they do not follow, then they will be considered backward. So, here dispute arises and it’s due to the generation gap. Besides, Technology has updated modern young minds and they accept changes easily; whereas oldsters do not accept social changes easily and they are against technology that has created a wide gap between their relations. Resultantly, youth love to spend more time on electronic gadgets than spending it with their family.

Furthermore, having a lot of differences, money problems arise. Firstly, isolation having different ideologies, youth choose to live alone and leave their homes. In this way, they leave their families in the lurch, who have done great sacrifices to nourish them. So, this attitude disheartens the family. Apart from it, depression is another problem not only for young brains but also for their families. When they don’t agree upon one issue, then they remain depressed and sometimes youngsters take the wrong steps like committing suicide or murdering their parents. On the other hand, parents are also sent to old age homes thus they lead a life that they had not otherwise expected. 

In conclusion: So, with the current times, youth bring some changes in their life, which are not accepted by their parents resultantly a tussle between them arises and the consequences of it, are really adverse as both suffer mental agony and physical distances.

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