Some people are happy to spend their whole life living in the same area.

Some people are happy to spend their whole life living in the same area. Others prefer to live in many different places in their lifetime. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

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It is irrefutable that for the holistic development of body, place where people Iive always matter. A fair amount of people assert that half proportion of folk love to continue their life in that place where they got birth. While other masses are interested to alter their living place many times. The upcoming paragraph sheds light upon various ideas and examples of these divergent issues and offers its conclusion.


Examining the former opinion, the primary argument is that people are familiar with the place and, they know each and everything about the place where they previously lived. They cannot find any difficulty to continue their future life in the same place. Along with this, ancestral bonding is also a big reason for them. To illustrate, there are many Royal families who live in old places due to the emotional attachment with the place. Moreover, some folk is introvert by nature, they cannot adjust easily to the environment and people. It took a long time for them to get settled in different places, so they love to spend their entire life in a single place.

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On the other hand, some masses experience new places for many reasons which are really beneficial for them. If people go to new places then they have an opportunity to widen the horizon of their knowledge. For instance, in this competitive era, students love to live in another country. With this, they are able to experience the culture of other nations. Along with this, they can increase their knowledge about the study. In addition to this, plebeians are able to cope in thick and thin, if they experienced in their future and they can adjust themselves according to the situation.


To conclude, it can be said that changes are inevitable in life. People experience different changes in every stage of life so people should not restrict the growth that is come due to change. Masses should welcome the changes in life and think it is an opportunity for them.

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  1. A place where we live is the most important aspect of our modern lifestyle. Many migrate one to another for a better life, whereas some are satisfied with the same place for their entire life. In this essay, I will discuss both aspects, such as why people shift? And how can someone be happy in one place?

    Migration offers education and a better lifestyle. Moving to different places can teach you lots of things that you cannot get by staying in one place, such as you can gain knowledge of different cultures and languages. It offers a bright future to our children as well because they will get better education and opportunities. In cities, people have household gadgets that make life easy, like dishwashers, dryers, etc. Washing machines save time from charcoals of the house because both can work for a better future. So, you can get a good education and way of living by moving to different places.

    However, happiness has nothing to do with the place to get it one place for life as well. Living in one area can provide you with good long term relations and good memories. If you live in one place, your relationship with others can get better by passing time which can also provide good memories. For example, If you will live your whole life at your home place with all your school friends and family, it definitely will give a lot of happiness, memory and good relations. Thus, one place can make you a happy person.

    In my opinion, If you are behind the money and future, then you should move, but happiness is more essential for you to prefer then one place to live. I am a person who can be happy in one place.

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