Your friend would like to come and work in your country for 6 months.

Your friend would like to come and work in your country for 6 months. Please write a letter to him/her in your letter.

– Recommend a city where your friend could find work
– Suggest some jobs your friend could do
– Give your friend some ideas on how to connect with the local community

Dear Ajay

Hope you and your family member are safe and doing good. As we discussed early, I hope you completed your final semester exam and got the result. You have completed your B.E IT., so I should suggest you come to Chennai and stay with me at Tambaram. Because from Tambaram you have good connectivity to the city via bus, local unit and metro trains to reach many industry areas like Urusei IT SPOCT, MEPZ etc.

I have known you from your childhood, and your dream was to work in a big MNC. So I could suggest you look for the opportunities in big IT MNC like Google, IBM, TCS and CTS, but it will be difficult for you initially to understand the working environment and MNC culture. On the other hand, I suggest you choose a startup company job offer to learn and gain more working experience for 1 or 2 years.

Finally, as you know of the current situation due to COVID, most big companies are freezing their job openings. Very few openings are going through referral interviews and the job consultancy or job portal. Please upload your latest resume in all major job portals and forward a copy of it to all our friend circle and follow up with them at regular intervals for the update.

You are lovingly,


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