The Diagram Details The Process of Making Wool

The diagram details the process of making wool. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The Diagram Details the Process of Making WoolSample Answer of The Diagram Details The Process of Making Wool

The provided pictorial illustration demonstrates information about how to manufacture products from wool.

It can be seen from the diagram, first of all, raw materials are taken from the sheep by cutting process. Then, the initial wool is cleaned in machines and transfer for drying. Next, the spinning process is taken by machines. after spinning, it makes final wool for string products. Strings product is recycled after use.

Moving forward, the second product is tufts of wool, which moves in tuft storage. After that, it produces either ball of yarn or knitting. Following this, balls of yarn are produced in various colours, which is used for making final products. The final products of wool are carpets and jackets.

Overall, it is clear from the diagram, and the process begins from sheep and the final products of wool are carpets, jackets and string. This process total consists of twelve stages.

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