Your friend would like to come and work in your country for 6 months

Your friend would like to come and work in your country for 6 months. Please write a letter to him/her in your letter.

Dear Krishna,

I hope you are doing fine. Convey my regards to your family. It is really fortunate to hear that you are joining here with me in Chennai for your job. I know you have completed, Bachelor of Commerce with an outstanding percentage. There are many opportunities available here for you. Especially in the field of accounts and finance, there are much recruitment going on. You can even forward your resume to accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger departments.

I am now located in Nungambakkam. As this is the centre of the city, any place inside Chennai is very much easily accessible. You can join me for accommodation and food initially. After you get your job, you may relocate where ever you are comfortable.

Please bear in mind that we are now in the corona pandemic. Due to this, many companies are going with lay off. So please do upload your Resume (CV) to all the job sites, for example, Linkedin, Indeed, Monster .com. Once you have uploaded it, please be in touch often, as this will help the recruiter find your resume easily. Ensure you bring all the original documents with you.

Thanking you,

Yours lovingly,

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