Your Son Studies a Foreign Language at School

Your son studies a foreign language at school, but he needs some extra lessons. Write a letter to a teacher asking him/her for some help. In your letter

– Explain why your son needs help.
– Ask the teacher about his/her experience and methods.
– Suggest a possible schedule for extra lessons.

Sample Answer of Your Son Studies a Foreign Language at School

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to appraise you with a request that my kid, who studies in your school SNBC in the 8 grade. Raj is a very smart child and he had enrolled in the Spanish language last month, where he finds a lot of difficulties to understand proper sentences. He is very a good learner and agile to new things, I believe Raj needs help in structuring sentences and if he does it then it would be the best situation for him at an early age.

I would like to know about your process of teaching method and how long you have been teaching in this field. As my son requires little spark in his education if he catches that then he would be in an elite category of kids so as a father I worry about his progress and report.

I would also like you to opine that as you know he is a just kid and very fragile at this age so kindly schedule some extra classes or allot him more work so he would remain busy in his work.
Hoping for a positive response in this matter!
Yours faithfully,

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