A Friend Who Is Planning to Visit You Has Asked You

A friend who is planning to visit you has asked you to describe the most interesting and enjoyable things to do in the community where you currently live. Write an email to your friend, telling them about these things. In your letter,

Say what these things are
Say why they are interesting/enjoyable
Suggest what you can do together

Begin your letter ‘Dear ——–’
Do not write any addresses
Write at least 150 words

Dear Guri,
Great to write to you back to tell you about an interesting and exciting thing to do in my locality.

To be honest, when you’ll visit, you’ll be enthralled to see an ancient fort, a museum and last but certainly not least a public library. These all bring honour to my city.

You’ll be taken aback to hear that visiting over above- mentioned places is more entertaining and knowledgeable. Now you have opted for history in your graduation; therefore, it’d be a golden opportunity for you to see that traditional equipment in the museum, such as old coins, weapons and old books. Moreover, clicking pictures in that fort, which is on the top of a hill, is adventurous and hilarious.

Furthermore, we both would have great fun while staying indoors. Your birthday is coming, so it is a great chance to bake a cake of your preferred flavour. Besides, we’ll be able to complete the unfinished painting that we were doing a year back.

Hoping to see you soon!
Yours loving,

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