You Were Studying in an English-Speaking Country and Suddenly

You were studying in an English-speaking country and suddenly needed to co back to your home country, leaving your course incomplete. Write a letter to your teacher too. thank him

. Explain why you left without completing your course

. say, during your course, study what you like most about this course.

Dear Mr Peter,

I am writing this letter to intimate you of my emergency return to my home town.

I am highly obliged to you for being my mentor during my course. It was indeed my pleasure to seek your guidance in developing my skills and knowledge in the field of Human resources.

Well, I am heartbroken as I have to leave this course in the middle since there is a medical emergency at my home. My mother needs to undergo knee surgery, and I have to be present to look after her.

I can definitely say that I have learnt many things under this course, from human resource fundamentals to organizational behavioural patterns. Moreover, I was able to develop communication, analytical, and interpersonal skills as it involved a lot of group projects and presentations.

Thank you for understanding, and I assure you I will return back soon once the situation is stable at my home.

With regards,

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